• Maria, from Pennsylvania, shows Torchlighter videos to her children’s Sunday School class. In a letter to parents, she explains the testimony the children saw that Sunday and directs them to VOM’s persecution.com and kidsofcourage.com websites for more information to share with their children.
  • Don, from New Mexico, tells all the teachers and group leaders at his church that he is available to fill in when they need to be absent. When God opens the door for him to share, he supplements his Bible lessons with testimonies from persecuted believers.
  • David, from West Virginia, invites local pastors out for a cup of coffee or tea in order to build relationships and find out how he can pray for them. David shares what he has been praying for, including recent requests from VOM’s iCommitToPray.com. He then leaves the pastor with a Special Issue of the VOM newsletter and tells him or her how to learn more about persecuted Christians.
  • Hadassah, a VOICE from Illinois, creates a monthly bulletin board at her church using the current VOM Prayer Map that shows restricted and hostile countries. As she collects more prayer requests and/or testimonies through VOM’s newsletter or websites, she adds them to the board with a string connecting the request/testimony to the country of origin. She decorates the bulletin board with pictures from VOM newsletters.

How are you using YOUR voice to share the stories of our persecuted brothers and sisters? Use the message box below to let us know.