Cover of Newsletter with mother and child and title saying 50 Years of Ministry
Special Issue Newsletter
25 for $9

VOM’s Special Issue newsletter is a great tool for introducing others to the ministry of The Voice of the Martyrs and sharing about the persecution of our brothers and sisters in Christ. The Special Issue provides an overview of VOM’s work and the persecuted Christians we serve. Each Special Issue includes a pull-out prayer map highlighting the nations where Christians are persecuted for their faith as well as a special offer for free VOM resources.

Cover of Share Their Voice DVD with Disc
Share Their Voice DVD
10 for $10

Share the voice of the persecuted with your friends, family and church through VOM’s new Share Their Voice DVD, which includes the incredible testimony of VOM founder Richard Wurmbrand, who spent 14 years in communist prisons because of his work as a pastor in Romania. Despite enduring years of torture and separation from his family, he continued to pray for the salvation of his oppressors. The DVD includes 10 other moving testimonies from Afghanistan, India, Syria, Nigeria, Uzbekistan, Laos, Iran, Pakistan, Colombia and China. The testimonies in this collection will help you share the truth about the persecuted and encourage others to get involved in helping.

Cover of Global Prayer Guide
Global Prayer Guide
25 for $20

The first request of our persecuted brothers and sisters around the world is, “Pray for us.” VOM’s Global Prayer Guide provides background information on each of the 68 countries where VOM is working as well as information on the current situation for Christians in those countries. Share this prayer guide to help others pray more specifically for our persecuted family throughout the year.

Cover featuring four workers carrying boxes over a river
Adopt a Front-Line Worker Brochure
15 for $10

Do you know others who may want to pray for a Christian worker serving in areas hostile to Christ? Order packs of VOM’s new Adopt a Front-Line Worker Brochure to share with your Christian friends or to display at your church or place of business.

Transparent plastic stand
Resource Stand
$3 Each

Order the optional holder to display VOM’s brochures and newsletters in your church.

Calendar Cover
2019 Prayer Calendar
3 for $5 • 10 for $10 • 20 for $20

The first request of our persecuted brothers and sisters is “Pray for us.” With The Voice of the Martyrs’ 2019 Prayer Calendar, you can answer their request for prayer every day throughout 2019.

VOM’s prayer calendar makes an excellent gift for Christian friends and family members. Each prayer calendar is really two gifts in one: a gift of prayer for our persecuted family and a gift that will inspire your Christian friends to pray for persecuted believers all year long.

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